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Representative Sample of Completed Search Assignments

Direct Leveraged Finance And Junior Capital

Senior, Unitranche, Junior Secured, Mezzanine Debt and Equity Co-Investments

  • Managing Director, Business Development — Direct Unitranche, Subordinated Debt and Minority Equity Investments (B.D.C.)

  • Director, Healthcare Vertical Group Head — Direct Senior and Unitranche Debt, Equity Co-Investments (Private Credit Fund)

  • Multiple Associates — Direct Senior, Unitranche, Junior Debt and Minority Equity (Private Debt Fund)

  • Director, Originations — Direct Senior and Unitranche Debt Finance (Private Credit Fund)

  • Multiple Sr. Associates and Pre-M.B.A. Analysts — Mezzanine Debt, Equity Investments (Lower Middle Market Mezzanine & Equity Fund)

  • Multiple Associates & Analysts — Middle Market P.E. Sponsor Debt Finance (Bank P.E. Sponsor Finance Group)

  • Business Development Officer — Mezzanine Debt, Equity Investments (Lower Middle Market Mezzanine & Equity Fund)

  • A.V.P. — Underwriting and Portfolio Management — Direct P.E. Senior, Unitranche, Junior Debt and Minority Equity (Private Debt Fund)

  • Managing Director, Direct Leveraged Loan Workouts — Direct Middle Market Senior/Junior and Unitranche Debt Capital, Control Equity Investments (Middle Market Private Credit Fund)

  • Vice President — Underwriter  — Lower Middle Market Unitranche and Subordinated Debt (S.B.I.C. & Private Debt Funds)

  • Portfolio Manager/Deal Execution — Broadly Syndicated and Middle Market Leveraged Loans (C.L.O. Funds)

  • Multiple AVP’s, Associates, Analysts — Broadly Syndicated Leveraged Loans ( C.L.O. Funds)

  • Analyst — Middle Market Unitranche, Junior Debt Capital & Equity Co-Invests (Private Debt Fund)

  • Senior Vice President, Structured Finance — First/Second Lien and Unitranche Debt (Finance Company)


Asset Based Lending
  • Managing Director/ABL Group Head (Top 12 U.S. Bank ABL Group)

  • Multiple Managing Director, Originators (Top 10 U.S. Bank A.B.L. Group)

  • Managing Director, Business Development — Direct Middle Market and Retail ABL (Private Debt Firm)

  • Multiple Associates — Underwriter (Private Debt Firm)

  • Group “Lift Out” — ABL Team (National ABL Affiliate of U.S. Bank)

  • Multiple Associates — Portfolio Management (Private Debt Firm)

  • Senior Vice President/ABL Group Head (Midwest/Mideast U.S. Regional Bank)

  • ABL Group Head (Southeast U.S. Top 20 Bank)

  • Managing Director, Structured Finance & ABL Originations (Private Credit Fund)

  • Group Operations Manager (Private Debt Fund)

  • Vice President — Buy-Side ABL Debt Group (Finance Company)

  • Multiple Senior Vice President, Business Development Officers (Finance Company)

  • S.V.P., Originations (Bank ABL Subsidiary)

  • Managing Director, National ABL Underwriting Manager (Private Debt Fund)

  • Multiple ABL Field Examiners/Auditors (Bank ABL Group)

  • Director, Portfolio Manager (ABL Debt Fund)

  • Multiple AVP’s — Underwriting (Private Credit Firm)

  • Multiple AVP’s — Portfolio Management (Private Credit Firm)

  • Operations & Collateral Analysis Manager (Bank ABL Group)

Specialty Finance


  • Director — Non-Bank Fund Finance (Int’l Bank)

  • Sr. Associate — Litigation Finance (Private Debt Fund)

  • Managing Director, Originations — Term Lending & Special Situations Finance (Private Credit Firm)

  • Region Manager — Supply Chain/Distribution Finance (Finance Company)

  • Multiple Originators — Hybrid ABL & Distribution Finance (Subsidiary — Fortune 500 Company)

Turnaround Management Consulting
  • Managing Director (NYC Turnaround Consulting Firm)

  • Associate — Creditor Representation (Canadian Turnaround Consulting Firm)

  • Managing Director (Turnaround & Financial Advisory Firm)

  • Director — Debtor Side Advisory (Turnaround Consulting Firm)

  • Senior Associate — (Turnaround Management Consulting Firm)

  • Director — Project Engagement & Originations (Turnaround Consulting Firm)

  • Multiple Associates — Debtor and Creditor Advisory (Turnaround Advisory Firm)

  • Director — Turnaround Consulting & Litigation Support (Consulting Firm)

Private Equity

  • Vice President (Middle Market Private Equity Fund)

  • Multiple Associates (Middle Market Private Equity Fund)

  • Manager of Finance & Strategy (Private Equity Affiliate — Multi-Billion Dollar Enterprise)

  • Associate (Minority Equity Investment Firm)

  • Multiple C.F.O., Controller & Finance Management Searches — (Private Equity Platform Companies)


Investment Banking


  • Managing Director — West Coast Office Head (Int’l Investment Bank)

  • Multiple Vice Presidents — Capital Advisory (Middle Market Investment Bank)

  • Multiple Associates, Analysts — Debt Advisory (Int’l, Middle Market Investment Bank)

  • Senior Associate — Capital Markets Group (Regional Investment Bank)

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