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The Search and Evaluation Process

Understanding the Organization

To initiate the assignment, we meet with those individuals responsible for hiring in order to develop a profile of your company, its organization, the operating environment, culture, growth plans, and other elements which are important to prospective employees.

Defining the Position

We will develop a Position Specification based on our initial meeting with key personnel, the review of the client's position description, and an understanding of the compensation plans. Since it is important that we have properly defined your needs, the Position Specification will be presented to you for input and approval.

Strategy Development

Coffin & Associates develops a search strategy which addresses your unique employee requirements. This involves the establishment of a target company list of competitors and/or complementary firms where we will source candidates. The Search Strategy and Timetable is reviewed and approved by you prior to implementation.



We identify candidates within the ranks of our client's strategically targeted competitors and/or complementary firms in the following manner:

  • Research and garner names of employed individuals who are currently working in similar positions within targeted organizations - the search professional then follows up by initiating phone contact to assess if each individual appears to be a viable candidate;

  • Conduct highly targeted internet research employing Boolean search strings, Google operators, specific site investigations, etc. to identify otherwise unknown or difficult to find candidates in the early stages of our research effort;

  • Employ social media avenues such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, online groups, etc., for both networking and research;

  • Implement networking strategies, including contacting sources from past search assignments and networking;

  • Anonymously publish the position opening through various avenues. Those include our firm's home page on the Internet, other web sites and services that will be accessed by potentially qualified candidates, and industry and professional associations.

Interest Gathering, Candidate Screening

Telephone contact is made with a myriad of potentially qualified candidates and the opportunity is quickly and confidentially discussed. As interest is discovered, telephone interviews are conducted and, if qualifications are a good match as guided by our position specifications, a personal interview is scheduled between the candidate and Coffin & Associates.

Personal Interviews

Each candidate's qualifications, motivation, interest level, and cultural "fit" are evaluated and compared against the previously developed Position Specification and our knowledge of the organization.


Client Presentation

Coffin & Associates completes a detailed written summary for the most qualified candidates. That is provided to you (along with the candidate's resume) for your interviewing consideration. After your review, meetings will be arranged between you and selected candidates.

Job Offer and Reference Checks

Coffin & Associates will assist the client in structuring and negotiating a job offer and compensation package. Prior to an offer being made, Coffin & Associates will assist in conducting reference checks.

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